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Программа блютуз для асер аспире 5738z

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has my acer aspire 5738z laptop got built in bluetooth?

acer.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_launch/kw/enable%20bluetooth .

I hope this helps.

Подробнее о программе блютуз для асер аспире 5738z

P.S. Here is a transcript of my chat with them:

Chat Transcript — 03/27/2011 06:28 AM

Hi, my name is Sai Prasad Patnaik. How may I help you?

Kosh Vorlon: How do I turn on or off bluetooth on Aspire 5738z?

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Sure, I will be glad to assist you in this regard.

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Блютуз аспире please provide me для 5738z асер or SNID of your computer?

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Please блютуз the serial number асер is located on the bottom of для notebook. It should contain several barcodes, one of which 5738z be labeled SN and another SNID. The SNID is an 11-аспире numeric code located under the serial number. If you can locate программа SNID, please use that number to identify your machine.

I’5738z helping аспире friend remotely and для‘t программа the S/N. Асер блютуз help me help her?

Аспире Для Асер: Sure, I программа 5738z efforts.

Sai Prasad Для: I am sorry асер inform you that as we do not аспире блютуз correct serial 5738z, I can only provide you basic information.

программе блютуз для асер аспире 5738z

Sai Prasad Patnaik: I understand that you want to know how to turn OFF the Blue tooth on the computer. Am I correct?

Is there a link with intructions? Actually, I’m more interested in turning it on (or confirming that it is on). Is there a control panel icon or some program I can access?

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Sure, I will provide you the information.

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Could you please confirm my understanding of the issue?

This is what I got asking for help: ive lost my manual to my new acer aspire 5738z laptop and dont know how to turn bluetooth on. just underneath the poer button theres 3 smaller buttons. the 1st is wireless and the second has a bluetooth sign on it but when i press it nothing happens. please help. x

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Thank you for the confirmation.

Sai Prasad Patnaik: May I place the chat on hold for 2-3 minutes while I check my resources?

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Thank you.

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Thank you for your time and patience.

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Please press and hold the «Fn» key and then please press the «F3» key only once to disable the Bluetooth feature on the computer. Please check the FN key is the second key to the right of the spacebar.

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Please respond if we are connected?

What’s the purpose of the button under the power button

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Which button you are referring about?

OK how do I enable it? The same way? The button is the one she says is one of three under the power button — or is she mistaken and they are just lights?

Sai Prasad Patnaik: Yes, to enable the Bluetooth again on the computer please press and hold the Fn key and F3 key once once.

Утилита блютуз для асер аспире 5738z

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